WE ARE - the only Georgian company, which solves your problems, without your need to leave your office or your home.

Our contractors are the leading Georgian and Foreign companies which activities takes place in Georgia. We proved continually that we are felicitous partners.

WE ARE - after getting your order in a short time sends you:


  • building materials, stock, accessories.
  • domestic and Electrical Goods.
  • Stationary
  • homey and office furniture.
  • thousands of different named goods.


Contact us for 24 hour:

Tel/Fax: +995 (032) 61-48-47
Mob: +995 (595) 58-80-88
Mob: +995 (577) 65-00-85


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news 3You will avoid a lot of problem, which is connected to choosing good quality goods, arrangements, for renting the manpower and transport for transporting the purchased goods.

news 2You can economize your time and the main thing is that you will have the documentation for the goods you are delivered, this gives you the opportunity to calculate you expenses.

news 1The main thing for us is your interests, and we take responsibility for the quality and date of the goods. This is additional comfort for you_ you won’t need to change or repair the goods you buy. If it will be necessary we will do it for you.